What Is Scriptless Test Automation?

Traditional test automation methods every so often turn out to be unproductive in meeting the company demands of fast application delivery. Lack of faster feedback, maintenance issues, and substantial upfront investment are few of the challenges involved with test automation.

One of the solutions that can increase the scalability of test automation is Scriptless Test Automation. This approach of testing speed-up the development process and increases the range of code reusability. Other than this, it simplifies the efforts and reduces the time of testers. This approach of testing is carried out by a particularly designed Scriptless Automation Tool.

What is Scriptless Test Automation Tool?

Scriptless Testing is performed using a script less test automation tool. This tool is immensely helping testers by simplifying the entire testing procedure and eliminating the needs of writing code.  This tool then translates all the human-friendly steps into the real test execution.

Scriptless Test Automation Tools helps testers by providing them with the ease to indicate the steps and offers benefits such as quality and cost savings. This procedure also allows shareholders to play a dominant role during the test automation process.

By using this testing approach, testers can focus on their primary objectives, instead of merely investing their time on quicker testing.

A good quality tool can immensely help testers by simplifying the entire testing procedure.  Ideally, a scriptless testing tool should be able to:-

  • Generation Of Test Steps. With the help of good scriptless automation tools you need not wait for the elements, you need not focus on input fields and you need not write even a single line of code. The test steps should be built using the language that’s easy to understand without the need of having an object repository. With the help of a scriptless solution tool, you should have ease to simply reference the objects that you see for each step in your test.
  • Store test cases as a series of actions. In general, the scriptless testing tools should allow you to preserve a series of actions that are being performed on the local User Interface of an application and decode that series of actions into a repeatable test.
  • Execute test cases on several browsers. Scriptless tools should allow you to make use of tests definition several times. It should limit the need to recreate tests again and again.
  • Ease Of Integration. The scriptless test automation should provide the ease to be integrated with a variety of tools that includes defect management system tools to CI tools and to release/ project tracking software.


Benefits of Scriptless Testing Automation

  • Works as a medium for business analysts and technical experts. Its script less behaviour serves as a facilitator between business analysts, SMEs and technical experts. It gives them the lenience to understand and review the test cases.
  • Decreases time to automate efficiently. It is one of the most significant benefits of using scriptless automation. This approach tremendously reduces the time taken for Test Creation and guarantees faster detection of errors during the software development life cycle.
  • Exudes Technical Compulsion. Combining smarter framework design upfront can eradicate the future costs that arise from increased script maintenance effort. The technical obligation related to scripts is consequently eliminated.
  • Easy To do Changes. Easy updating of changes and updates with reusable test groups. Through this approach Regression tests can be executed more often.
  • Quicker Script Design and Development. A scriptless test tool provides plain and non-complex test design and development process. Besides this, it offers an intrinsic user interface that empowers the faster implementation of tests.

The Scriptless test automation solution significantly optimizes the bewildering task and makes the handling of test cases manageable. Other than this, the typical challenges of test execution are widely eliminated and allow the testers to concentrate on what to test instead of how those tests will run.

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