Why RoboMagic™?

A revolutionary nextgen AI/ML-based scriptless process automation platform which is setting new benchmarks in automation.


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An AI/ML-based Scriptless End-to-End process automation platform.

  • 100% Script-less Process Bots

    RoboMagic’s intuitive wizards based interface requires no coding skills enabling operations teams to create and manage automation independently.

  • Offline Process BOTs

    Ability to automate process from screenshots with no impacts due to environment downtime or speed of the network.

  • Object Version Agnostic

    Zero impact due to any change in one or all object properties of the production application.

  • AI-driven Object identification 

    Execute same automated process BOTs across different versions of the application having the same visual references without the need for any changes or recreation efforts.

  • iAutoHeal capability 

    Easy maintenance for operations team as changes in object properties, hierarchies, positions or even change in application technology doesn’t impact automation.

  • Business Process Techniques 

    Experience re-usability like never before. The business component created can be used across various process flows and BOTS.

  • AI/Trigger Driven Automated Process Execution 

    Based on defined trigger/scheduled-time process bots are auto distributed on multiple robots. This boost scalability and speeds up process time.

  • AI-Driven Test Reporting 

    Quickly and efficiently identify any issues and improves the stability of the automated process BOTS. 

  • No Cultural Change

    Achieve process automation the way it used to be manually using the BPT technique. Now don’t worry about tools, technologies, resource skill sets, etc.


BOTS based on Artificial Intelligence driven by Machine and Deep Learning algorithms.

Single Sign-on
Inbuilt Version Management
Operational and Business
Exception Handling
OCR Capabilities
Computer Vision
Mouse and Keyboard Automation
Scriptless and Offline Automation
Smart Intelligence
and iAutoHeal
Triggers and System
Auto Load
Auto Sync
AI Driven
Attended And
Unattended Execution
UTS has demonstrated a capability to rapidly automate the testing and skill-up our team with innovative tools and practices, which enabled our test team to drive tremendous efficiencies in the effort needed to continuously assure the software, both before and after GO-LIVE.
Ian Cook, Chief Information Officer
United Arab Emirates Insurance