Digitalization In The Banking Sector

Advantages of Digitalization in the Banking Sector

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Digitalization has changed everything in the world. Digitalization enables automation, increases data quality, and structures all that data. So, we can use advanced technology, such as better and more intelligent software, to achieve digitalization goals. All the sectors have updated their presence with the adoption of digital technology.
As with all other sectors, the banking sector is also progressing towards technological advancements. In order to cut down, on the high competition in the market, banks are upgrading their system with new technology to deliver the maximum to their customers. As a result of digitization, traditional processes have become automatic services with fewer human errors and most loyal customers have been gained.
Bank customers are getting more benefits from this digitalization process.
Customers can access these services round the clock. Customers get all the banking updates in just one click. We will discuss in this article how digitalization has contributed to the revolution in the Banking sector.
Transaction Process:
Digitalization has revolutionized the old payment system of banks. Now anyone can transfer the payment from anywhere, to anyone, and at any time.
Money transfer application modes like USSD, UPI, E-Wallets, etc. are an added advantage of it. Banks also have their own applications where customers can complete their transactions and banking-related work like ordering a new cheque book, Debit/ Credit card renewals, etc. from anywhere. There is hardly any need for people to visit banks physically today.
Easily accessible and convenient:
The monetary transaction has become simple, easy, and convenient due to digitalization. People use digital money so the need for cash withdrawal from banks / ATMs has reduced compared to the old days. Even small vendors and shopkeepers are also giving preference to e-transactions. This has reduced human errors, saved time, and automatically increased customer loyalty.
Transaction records:
We can keep an eye on all the spending as it records every small detail of the transaction. Bank application records every minute detail of the transaction which customers can see at any time, which is a great help in financial planning.
Automatic Reports:
RPA technology with its inbuilt language generation capacity can read the documents and generate the required reports. RPA creates trained software that helps the banks to go through crucial documents, churn out the data, and extract the exact information. This helps in saving operational costs and time.
Customer data entry:
Maintaining customer information data is a tedious process. RPA is able to capture the customer data from KYC documents by using OCD (optical character recognition technique) and match it with the information provided by the customer. It uploads the data in the system automatically if there is no discrepancy in the information provided. It minimizes human errors and saves time.
New Account opening:
With RPA account opening process becomes easier, quicker, and more accurate. It maintains the quality of data in the system by eliminating the data transcription errors (between the core banking system and new account opening requests).
Loan Proceedings:
RPA has controlled this particular function up to certain levels. Unlike the old days now loan process takes very less time. RPA allows for easy automation of various tasks crucial to the mortgage lending process, including loan initiation, document processing, financial comparisons, and quality control. As a result, the loans can be approved much faster, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.
Online bill payments:
Customers can make online purchases and payments with ease now. The Auto Pay option is available to customers who wish to automate their monthly bill payments. Auto payments are convenient and time-saving.
Offers and discounts for customers:
Many offers and discounts have been offered by banks, governments, and financial institutes to encourage digital payments in India. Nowadays many mobile application operators provide some incentives like cash backs, discounts, etc. for customers.
Live Assistance:
Banks have installed the chatbot options on their respective portals to help customers solve their queries. Digital interaction can be automated and at the same time live chat support is provided whenever customers seek it. As a result, customers are now treated more personally.
Bank notifications:
In order to keep customers up-to-date about their transactions, banks send them notifications about billing, application status, or announcements. Also, banks are conducting surveys to understand and reduce the gap between banks and customers. Regular assistance has been provided to the customers in order to educate them about every digital update of the bank.
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