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Why TestMagic?

A revolutionary nextgen AI/ML-based scriptless digital assurance platform which is setting benchmarks in the testing industry.

Years of innovation


Years of innovation
Certified innovators


Certified innovators
Client retention


Client retention
Global Presence


Global Presence
R&D Investment


R&D Investment

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An AI/ML-based 100% Scriptless, one-stop, end-to-end test automation tool

  • 100% Scriptless

    Automation based on Business Process Techniques reduces 70% effort in automating test cases.

  • Offline Automation

    Ability to automate test cases from screenshots with no impacts due to environment downtime or speed of the network.

  • Object Version Agnostic

    Zero impact due to any change in one or all Object Properties.

  • AI-driven Object identification 

    Ability to execute same Visual References based automation on different versions of the same application without any changes

  • iAutoHeal capability 

    Simplifies ease of update due to any change such as addition/deletion of Objects or change in Visual Reference.

  • Business Process Techniques 

    Enable Agile Team to test regularly and continuously, increases automated functional, and end-to-end scenario tests to avoid waiting times and waterfalling iterations.

  • AI-Driven Automated Test Pack Execution 

    Auto distributes test pack on multiple machines and monitor the execution. This boots scalability and speeds up process time.

  • AI-Driven Test Reporting 

    Quickly and efficiently identify the real defects and stability of a module.

  • No Cultural Change

    Achieve test automation the way it used to be manually using the BPT technique. Now don’t worry about tools, technologies, resource skill sets, etc.


Integrated AI/ML capabilities at every stage – Creation, execution, reporting and analysis.

Object Identification
Discover Application
Under Test
Test Case
Computer Vision
Auto Load
Auto Sync
Exception Handling
Ons-Script and
Perspective Analytics
Auto Blocking and Unblocking Test Case
based on Defect Report Analysis
Discover Application Stability
based on Execution Analysis

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