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It is an AI based Enterprise Platform for Scriptless Test Automation and Robotics Process Automation needs.

It is the one of its kind Test Automation Platform currently available in the world, which does Functional, Security and Performance testing all without the need for writing scripts or coding.

Organizations across the world have reduced their TCO by 60-70% when compared with other Test automation tools by increasing automation test coverage to nearly 90% using TestMagic TM in no time.

BFSI, Telecom and Manufacturing companies are using TestMagicTM heavily for their continuous Testing needs. TestMagicTM is best suited for Agile/DevOps/CICD approaches of development & Testing.

Try to get visible ROI from next execution cycle itself.

Functional Testing

by TestMagicTM

TestMagic is one of kind Test Automation Platform which supports End-to-End functional testing of various enterprise applications.

Organizations are using TestMagic to automate functional testing

  •  of applications on Windows, Web and Mobiles.
  •  of API's, databases & various file formats.
  •  of various packaged & proprietary applications like SAP/ Salesforce/ Oracle E-business or CRM application/ Calypso/ Finnacle/ JD Edwards/ TCS Bancs/ Siebel/ Microsoft Dynamics/ Pega/IBM BPM etc.
  •  For testing of Mainframe or AS400 applications etc.

TestMagic is heavily used by few of our banking clients to automate functional and regression testing of their Core Banking applications like T-24 by Temenos or Finnacle.

Performance Testing

by TestMagicTM

Have you ever done Performance testing without writing a single line of code or scripting?

With TestMagicTM you don't have to write Code or Script or use separate tools. Existing automated functional test cases are used to test application performance with real end-to-end workflows and with real/simulated virtual users.

Users can load web applications up to 500 virtual users with defined load plan to get various performance KPIs and performance analysis.

Security Testing

by TestMagicTM

Have you ever done Security testing without writing a single line of code or scripting?

With TestMagicTM no coding or separate effort is required to automate the Security Testing; Simply execute the security testing enabled TestMagicTM automated functional testing.

Automation script created for functional testing is used for Security Testing of Web applications, SOAP and Rest Web services in a Continuous Delivery/Continuous Testing pipeline.

Robotics Process Automation

by TestMagicTM

No coding, No Technicality. AI based capturing of business flow as it appears on screen.

TestMagic RPA allows employees in a company to configure computer software, to capture and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems like SAP, Oracle ebusiness suite, Peoplesoft, Lawson, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor or workday.

It can capture and normalize the incoming information no matter what the source is - paper, email attachments, fax, EDI or XML.

TestMagic RPA helps achieve technical and operational efficiency. Its maturity has been shaped to perfection in varied and complex client environments.


TestMagicTM Why?

An AI Based Scriptless Automation Platform

One Platform For Entire E2E Testing

TestMagic's test automation platform allows enterprises to Create, Execute and Measure automation testing of all their applications running in various heterogeneous environments without the use of any scripts or coding using BPT technique.

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One Script Concept for All

TestMagic brings one of its kinds "One Script For All" the concept in the Test Automation world wherein business flow once captured works everywhere as is without any changes.

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Artificial Intelligence Based Object Identification Approach

TestMagic has eliminated use of Object repository and Object mapping. It uses proprietary AI algorithms built using C and C++ components to identify objects independent of objects hierarchy in the applications.

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Artificial Intelligence based Test Execution

TestMagic helps - improve Automatic test execution time by more than 40% and better utilization of available Test Infrastructure.

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No Cultural Change in Test Organization

Using BPT technique, TestMagic helps achieve Test automation the Manual way thus requiring no cultural change in the organization.

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ROI From Next Execution Cycle

With TestMagic you don't have to wait for months to see ROI coming. See ROI coming from next execution cycle itself.

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