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LILLYS BURSHTEYN Directors Core Card Software, Inc.

Test Magic is comprehensive testing automation software that we have been using for more than 2 years in Production. We are fully satisfied with Test Magic's software and the services they have provided us....

Test Magic is a highly flexible automation solution designed for complete web application testing including Rule based File testing, validation of data in Database. TM s team has delivered numerous customizations we asked for with short turnaround time helping us meet our stringent delivery schedule.
The software is capable of providing high throughput and is very scalable Its processing speed is limited only by the number of machines (processors) that are used. This is very critical for regression testing of complex financial software such as ours.
The product is easy to use and can be mastered in as less a couple of days TM s support team has also provided us prompt and excellent technical support I believe that the product derives its value from its use of latest technologies which are coherent with most current Operating Systems and web browsers.
Test Magic continuously evolves itself by adding new features such as SOAP based Web Service testing and can meet the challenges of the highly integrated and automated systems of todays enterprise less
February; 10, 2:313. Liliya was Universal’s client