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IAN COOK CIO/EVP -Head of Operations & Enterprise Technology United Arab Emirates | Insurance

Oman Insurance is the leading general insurance provider in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East with an extensive branch network, operations in Turkey, Oman, Qatar and Iraq...

We are in the midst of major 24-month software upgrade program to replace our core insurance and back office accounting platform. The consequence is over eight thousand test cases and 280 end to end business processes, multiplied by over 65 insurance products.
Assuring systems integrity using functional testing is a significant undertaking in terms of effort needed testing and business acceptance for the permutations and combination of a typical insurance policy. The software delivery approach means we need to test and re-test this on over twenty planned software releases which need regression testing to ensure functionality that worked, continues to work.
OIC had significant experience using automated test tools from global vendors. However, these needed significant investment in effort in order to build an automated test framework; which made us cautious about the benefits that could be achieved.
UTS has demonstrated a capability to rapidly automate the testing and skill-up our team with innovative tools and practices, which enabled our test team to drive tremendous efficiencies in the effort needed to continuously assure the software, both before and after GO-LIVE.
UTS have shown a flexibility and customer awareness together with a commitment to getting the job done, even when some deliverables were not expressly stated in statement of work.