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by TestMagicTM

TestMagic helps - improve Automatic test execution time by more than 40% and better utilization
of available Test Infrastructure.

AI Based Test

AI-based Test Execution

TestMagic has its own execution/scheduling engine to run automated scripts and it doesn’t require any third party tools.

    Few of the many reasons in TestMagic which leads to reduced Execution time are listed below:
  • - AI based approach to identify objects.
  • - Intelligent load balancing/allocation of test cases.
  • - Intelligent detection of test infra availability.
  • - Auto synchronization reduces time.
  • - Automatic Exception handling.

  • Apart from the above TestMagic also provides for Dependent test cases Execution Status Analysis and Automatic Parallel Execution.
    Use TestMagic for its intelligence to :
  • -Retest/Return the failed test cases if needed.
  • -Identify potential security risks or performance bottlenecks even if the intended tests are functional.
  • -Identify failed objects using a prescribed technique.
  • -Handle environmental issues when occurred.