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Now Automate testing for SAP Business critical scenarios and robotize repetitive manual/business tasks using TestMagic.

-TestMagic enables to create a large library of robust master content with common business process scenarios. These include string scenarios covering major SAP processes such as Order to Cash, Produce to Pay, Hire to Retire, etc. and a wide variety of unit, integration, regression and UAT tests.

-Now Integrate SAP with any other platform application to manage data flow in automation testing or robotization.

SAP Regression Testing

-Integrate automated functional tests into continuous integration builds to ensure that new code and updates to your SAP system don’t break existing functionalities.

-Since regression testing usually involves large test suites, is highly repetitive and is time intensive, it is a perfect fit for automation. Using TestMagic for automated SAP regression testing, you can automatically run tests with every change to achieve maximum test coverage and efficiency, while employing a minimum of resources.