Radically Better
There's no shortage of software testing tools and suppliers. Evaluating and understanding of what is important to you and what will work for you is important. TestMagic leverages and protects your investments in people, processes and enterprise systems by providing comprehensive integrated automation solution that helps you to :
  • Automate more regression testing, achive greater test coverage.

  • Develop and execute automated test scripts, including automated connection, configuration, execution, report generation and reconfiguration. 

  • Share expensive assets across multiple projects and user groups, reduce capital expenses. 

  • Manage and automate allocation of automation test lab assets, Test Sets, and execution of automated test scripts. 

  • Eliminate repetitive manual tasks, minimize errors and troubleshooting, and maximize productivity of subject matter experts. 

  • Maintain tests scripts as requirements change by element abstraction and reuse : In TestMagic , the elements are shared among all tests in a project. You can modify a single element to have the change applied to all automated tests. Thus, only unique elements are stored, and users can update them if needed, instead of modifying numerous duplicate elements in every single test. 

  • Minimize risks of failure: Failing to implement new tools will cause disruption and impact staff motivation. TestMagic tool with integrated solution will help you to avoid common challenges and show you the quickest route to successful test automation implementation. 

  • Increase user adoption: No matter how good the tools are that you select, if your team won't use them then you don't have a solution. Successful acceptance of new tools demands commitment to supporting your team through the implementation process. TestMagic drastically reduces the need of automation experts by 70-80%; enables business users and manual testers to adapt and become productive in automation with just 5 days of training. 

  • Enhance productivity: TestMagic provides tremendous productivity gains compared to manual testing and code based automation. Advanced features like multi-browser test execution delivers productivity and ROI gains that no manual testing shop can beat.

  • Effortless test maintenance even as your application changes: TestMagic doesn't use an object repository, so your tests will not break if developers change the application layout. Furthermore, elements are abstracted so you need to modify them just once and reuse them in all tests. Those are unique advantages you won't find elsewhere. 

  • Better together eZscript + TestMagic: TestMagic Suite introduces a new generation easy-to-use solution to automate functional and regression testing of Web based applications. TestMagic provides a web based automation test management tool having robust component model with a centralized access technique and user friendly interface to addresses the entire testing life cycle ranging:

    • Automatic Script Generation of automated test suite from given business logic

    • On-click creation of Keyword, Data-Driven and Business Component

    • Managing multiple test sessions for multiple applications under test having separate test environments

    • Allocation-execution-scheduling-back-up and recovery of the automated test suite on multiple browser and languages

    • Maintaining test repository and publishing common test scripts to be reused by other projects

    • Generating test reports based on build, functionality, date of execution, type of browser and languages

  • Seamless collaboration between Developers and QAs:  TestMagic Studio comes in two specialized editions: a standalone tool eZscript and web based TestMagic. Both tools use the same repositories and file formats, which makes collaboration between even geographically dispersed teams seamless. 

  • Capture test script once, run against multiple browsers: TestMagic Studio offers an easy and quick way to test your web application in multiple browsers simultaneously. No need to tweak your tests for different browsers any more – have a test captured or created once in Internet Explorer and execute against Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. 

  • Capture test script once, run against multiple languages: TestMagic Studio offers an easy and quick way to test your web application in multiple languages (I18n support). No need to tweak your tests for different languages any more – have a test captured or created once in English and just with simple mapping of objects execute against any languages supported by I18n.
Better, radically better than anything you have tried.