ROI Simplified
ROI automation. (in time t) = (Savings from automation) / (Costs of automation)
Above formula is used to derive the ROI from automation for any test automation tool. However, to calculate the ROI there are below activities needs to be performed,
  1. Identification the automation tool

  2. Define the automation test strategy & approach

  3. Identification of the resources having required skill set and expertise

  4. Test automation framework creation based on best suited automation methodology such record & play or scripting or functional decomposition or keyword or data driven or hybrid approach

  5. Framework validation to confirm its correctness that It is rightly build

  6. Automation of the manual test cases selected as automation candidates
All the above steps contribute to ROI. Hence significant amount of analysis is done by automation expert to avoid any pitfalls/failure to achieve the better ROI. However, creation of automation framework follows entire SDLC before automation of test case starts. It’s obvious that formula to calculate ROI for automation looks simple but it’s difficult and complicated reach the stage from where we can achieve ROI because of the challenges involved in all the steps mentioned above.
TestMagic tool has integrated advance automation solution and its simplicity enables users either expert or beginners to use efficiently and jump start to automate identified test cases. So the achieve ROI from automation is simple in TestMagic. Also it demonstrates better productivity than manual and code based testing frameworks. Better usability than enterprise solutions. Better support for web platforms.
ROI Level by TestMagic is further enhanced due to,
Fit for small budgets, suitable for big enterprises: Small businesses traditionally stay away from automated testing solutions because they are prohibitively expensive as they are targeted at enterprises. TestMagic is priced attractively, enabling companies of any size to effectively improve the quality of their software.
Low entry costs, even higher value over time: Implementing automated testing technology across your team does not cost a fortune with TestMagic. TestMagic is an automated testing tool with integrated solution that fosters productivity and reuse, and delivers results no manual testing shop can beat.
Forget about manual testing : it offers neither consistency, nor regression : If you want to build stable software, you should stop relying on manual testing alone. Now everyone could benefit from automated testing. Save time and money, while shipping higher quality software with TestMagic.
Amazing ease-of-use! Anyone can be a tester now : Whether you are a QA professional or a developer, you’ll find TestMagic intuitive and enjoyable. The interface is inspired by consumer handheld devices, so all you need to get started is watch a couple of videos - it’s that easy!
Facilitates collaboration in virtual teams: If your testing team is dispersed across the globe, you surely know what “collaboration problems” means. TestMagic offers one-of-a-kind solution to your difficulties by providing a common platform for your team to work together.
Tailored solutions for Developers and QAs: TestMagic is not the generic, one-size-fits-all type of automated testing tools. It comes in two editions specialized for each role – easy to use and maintain eZscript and a powerful and customizable TestMagic.
Agile development practices compliance: Teams that employ the agile development model will find TestMagic extremely valuable as this automated testing tool aids users in continuously updating test cases scenarios and integrating them with the created unit tests.