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One Script Concept for All

by TestMagicTM

TestMagic brings one of its kind "One Script For All" concept in the
Test Automation world wherein business flow once captured works
everywhere as is without any changes.


One Script Concept for All

With TestMagic without changing any code/scripts one can achieve test automation across the board If business flow is same e.g. If you have an application having same business flow on Windows (thick client) or on Web (working across Multiple browsers) or on Mobile app (Android/iOS/Browser be it Native/Hybrid) or on multiple Operating Systems (Mac, Linux, Windows) or working on multiple devices etc. than without changing any code/script test automation will work across the board. In UTS, we call it One Script Concept.

TestMagic's Artificial Intelligence based object identification with comprehensive capabilities for dynamic UI handling has enabled automated script execution for similar business flow on various heterogeneous environments.