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One Platform For Entire E2E Testing

by TestMagicTM

TestMagic's test automation platform allows enterprises to Create, Execute and Measure
automation testing of all their applications running in various heterogeneous environments
without the use of any scripts or coding using BPT technique.


Windows/Web Applications

TestMagic supports Automation testing for all windows (thick client) applications created using Java/.Net/Legacy or any other platform.

Perform Automation testing for all your web based (thin client) applications using TestMagic and see the difference with scriptless automation. TestMagic supports almost every web browser running across various operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows etc.

Mobile Applications

TestMagic helps organizations create, execute and measure Test Automation for Android and iOS applications built using Native or Hybrid or Web environments for various devices.

It's parallel execution capability allows tests to be executed in parallel with same set or different sets of data.

TestMagic provides ability to create Android and iOS device cloud from windows desktop. It has removed dependency on Mac OS for iOS application Automation.

TestMagic also helps identify performance issues with Battery, Memory, CPU, Throughput etc.


Packaged & Proprietary Applications

Use TestMagic to do scriptless automation testing for a wide range of packaged applications like - SAP/ Oracle applications (E-business/CRM)/ IBM AS400/ SalesForce/ IVR Systems/ Flash or Flex Applications/ Siebel/ BPM Apps (IBM / PEGA) etc

No single scriptless test automation platform supports such a large number of packaged applications.

Web Services

TestMagic extensively supports automatic testing and service virtualization for the Web Services (SOAP, Rest, JSON, XML RPC).

Using TestMagic web services can be parallelly executed and can be tested with different set of data.

TestMagic supports conditional validation of responses as well as JSON extractor path validation in response of a Get or Put API.

Use TestMagic for scriptless automation testing of Web services/APIs and see for yourself the benfits you will get.


DataBases and File formats supported

TestMagic supports scriptless test automation of various databases like DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Informix, MongoDB or even Excel as database.

TestMagic supports scriptless automation of file based testing as well and supports various file formats like Txt, CSV, XML, XLS, PDF, FTP/SFTP etc

IVR Testing & SMS Readability

TestMagic has the capability to automate testing of IVR systems. TestMagic can be used to test scenarios like calling an IVR number, Choosing from the pre defined options, further selecting options from various IVR menus and performing tasks or finally lending to a number to speak to an executive.

TestMagic has the capability to read the SMS, extract the value as per defined text pattern like OTP, store the same and use it as and when required as per business flow of the application.