Achieve the Highest Result
TestMagic benefits lie in the results you get from multiple test runs and controlling specific variables. Simplify iterative testing and analysis of results.
  • Enhance collaboration Share test beds, test cases and scripts between teams, via common repositories with revision control 

  • Instantly share test results in a searchable archive of comprehensive results, with flexible reporting of key business and technical metrics 

  • Enable analysis and trending, to spot trends, identify root causes, and provide feedback to development
Real costs in the Automation Test lab accumulate as the diversity of groups, projects and test requirements increases. TestMagic streamline key Automation Test Lab processes to realize return on investments (ROI) in testing.
  • Allocate resources effectively with intelligent scheduling and reservation 

  • Manage Test Repository - Automate updates, enable tracking and reduce “overall maintenance”  

  • Enable 24x7 scheduling, control and remote access to lab and test resources from anywhere, with minimal intervention 

  • Improve visibility of lab operations and make timely decisions on scheduling and resource allocation 

  • Evaluate lab efficiency and utilization with data mining and reporting, to control operating costs, demonstrate ROI and justify new capital investments.